What Makes Us Different?

Sapha Water redefines H20 as you know it.  We utilize reverse osmosis paired with ionization technology to create alkaline ionized water with a pH of 9.0.   Water is the cornerstone to any healthy lifestyle, so it's extremely essential that the water you drink is high-quality.  Remember, not all water is created equal. 
Sapha Water is:  
  • Energized Micro Clustered
  • Loaded with Antioxidants
  • Loaded with Electrolytes
  • Loaded with Beneficial Minerals
  • Super Hydrating
  • Can Improve Detoxification
  • Oxygen Hydrogen Enhanced
  • Silky Smooth easy to drink
  • Backed by Research

Our system consists of 10 stages of filtration

The first filter is a sediment filter removing suspended solids down to 10 microns in size.
The second and third filter is a carbon GAC filter to remove organic compounds.
The fourth and fifth filter is solid block carbon filters which give additional contact time for the water to remove all organics.
The sixth filter is a final sediment filter removing suspended solids down to 1 micron.
The seventh filter is reverse osmosis removing all particles down to .025 micron. This includes dissolved solids, cyst and bacteria.
The eight filter is a multi-media alkaline filter which adds alkaline minerals back into the water changing the PH.
The ninth filter is another solid block carbon filter to insure a fresh taste to the water as it dispenses.
The tenth stage is a UV sterilizer.
Once the filtration process is complete, a unique blend of Alkaline minerals is deposited into the water thus creating Alkaline Water. 
The next step is the most IMPORTANT and it's what makes us DIFFERENT from all bottled water! It's called Ionization.  Which means, we restructure the water by breaking up the water molecules.  This releases hydrogen thus making the water super hydrating. It makes the water absorbable on a cellular level.  Now your body has a chance to finally get healthier by drinking Alkaline Ionized Water created by our Technology.