"Our MISSION is to be an industry leading design innovator, manufacturer, and marketer of high quality Alkaline-Ionized water products while maintaining the highest ethical, moral, environmental, and legal standards, based on our Christian values."


 "Our VISION is to create a drinking water that provides maximum health benefits thereby affecting the lives of many in a positive manner".  We have done just that, alkaline Ionized water can neutralize acidity in the body and combat cellular inflammation affecting many areas of your life.  Here are some of the benefits of Sapha Water.  

  • Pure clean water
  • Chlorine free
  • Neutralizes acidity 
  • Highly efficient cellular absorption 
  • Infused with electrolytes, minerals and antioxidants
  • Rigorously filtered to remove heavy metals and bacteria
  • Great light taste that doesn't leave you feeling bloated 

Our VALUES represent those actions and beliefs that we as leaders hold dear to our heart.  It is our Code of Conduct and encompasses a commitment to you as an individual.  These values are based on Biblical principles and are lived each day by us as owners. 


Consistency, honesty, and truthfulness or accuracy of one's actions

Consistency is about being the same regardless of the situation.  Even when the situtaion is difficult with an employee or a customier, it's having the ability to be true to yourself and be real about what needs to happen to make the situation whole again. 

Honesty requires intentionality and thought.  It's about being authentic with all persons involved and keeping our word, saying what we will do and then doing what we say.  

Our code of values encompasses a commitment first to Integrity and a spirit of mutual respect focused on our customers and on our team. We promote an atmosphere of straightforward, honest communication, especially when addressing a complaint or correcting a problem. We value our reputation as a good business partner and a great place to work, knowing that integrity keeps our team strong and sound.


New ideas and creative thoughts

This value is part of our mission statement and each day we pursue to be the best at what we do with heart and passion.  We believe in continuous improvement! We strive to bring you the most trusted source of Alkaline ionized water.  A water that you can depend on and trust with consistency of taste.  We think "out of the box" so that the benefit of delivering this water to you is not only convenient but enjoyable.  This is where innovation meets technology and delivers happy satisfied customers.  


The burning desire to surpass ordinary standards

We strive each day to achieve our highest potential.  Excellence requires a habit and not just an eact.  The pursuit of excellence takes practice and perserance.  Everyone has unlimited potential and it's up to us to unlock it and challenge our mindset, our skills and our knowledge.  We strive to bring not only the most innovative ideas but also the most inspiring products and services available today.  Our pursuit is not only in technology but in providing an unparalled customer experience, one that you will remember and tell others about.  



Being deeptly stirred and compelled into action

Our passion is what drives us.  Our passion for heath, the best product, the most innovative technology, the best customer sevice, the best workplace.  It is what motivates us each day to do what we do.  Passion gives us the ability to be touched, moved and inspired.  It is the core of excellence and without it nothing happens.  We have a drive to exceed goals and expectations, both individually and collectively, and we are rewarded for it. We value and grow from the team culture that pushes us to find our passion, perfect it, and share it. To us, this is not just a job. It is a passion for creating great health, a great company, and a great future for us all.