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From our modest beginnings in 2008 until now, we've had a very clear goal in mind: To provide consumers with the best source of alkaline ionized water than they've ever experienced before. 

With the burgeoning environmental eco market and consumer awareness and demand for clean and clear water at an all time high, Sapha Water Vending products have fulfilled this demand in this key niche market for commercial alkaline ionized water product assuring the best tasting and highest quality of alkaline ionized water in the country.

Why Become A SapHa Water Vending Dealer?

It's simple... the Science, first to market, full line of products built with the best technology available in the world, allowing Sapha Water Vending to set the standards for the industry as a whole.

As the largest United States manufacturer of alkaline ionized water systems, our expertise and products for improving the quality of your water are second to none. Yes, you read correctly, Sapha Water Vending is manufactured right here in the Good US of A. We are not only the largest, we are the ONLY true US manufacture of Alkaline Ionized Vending Machines.

SapHa Water Vending is committed to the success of each of our authorized Dealers. As an Authorized Dealer we can provide you with:
  • Promotional & Business Tools
  • Information about the healthy water industry
  • The right to use Registered Trademarks, pictures, logos, etc

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